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A health and fitness geek my whole life, I never expected to be derailed by debilitating migraines.

Doctors told me it was incurable. They were wrong.

This is what I did to heal. 

In 2017 I was taking 12-14 triptans a month and suffering almost daily with migraines. Once I discovered a low carb diet, I had to start throwing my drugs away because my stash was starting to expire. For all of you migraine sufferers out there, have hope, along with some patience and I am certain you will not be disappointed. 

I'm not a doctor and I don't pretend to be. I do not claim to know how the chemicals in your brain function differently from mine, or what errand whiff in the air will bring on a tsunami of a headache that wipes out your entire day. We are different and above all, I respect that.  But, and it’s a very optimistic 'but', I do have the strong suspicion, that what helped me end my decade-long battle with migraines and get off of medication, will very likely help you too. If not end them all for good, at least greatly reduce both frequency and severity of these Ninja bastards. 


About this site

Although I have spent my life studying nutrition and health, once my migraines took over, I had to throw out a lot of beliefs that had formed the foundation of how I ate.

Doctors, scientists and most importantly, all of us who suffer from migraines, are waking up to the benefits that a low carb/high fat (LCHF) or Ketogenic diet can have on our brains and overall health. Recently there has been much more interest in researching the 'metabolic-inflexibility' of a migraineur's brain and the healing effects of burning ketones as energy. The ketogenic diet has hit the mainstream after a five-decade run of low-fat hype. The Fat Phobic era has finally please pass the butter. 

But changing life-long eating habits and lifestyle choices, like how you sleep or exercise (tools which will help boost your insulin sensitivity- a good thing!), requires ongoing work and if you don't understand why it can benefit you, adherence to a new way of living can become a struggle. Long-term health and migraine freedom is less likely achievable. 

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If after reading my site, you are inspired to get off migraine medication and transition into a new way of eating, please use that beautiful brain of yours and share this with your doctor.


I make no money from this site nor do I sell anything. I simply want to share my experience and wish you a migraine-free day. If it's been helpful, let me know! 


photo by Eyoalha Baker