About Me

When it comes to health, I've been a keener my whole life.


As a 16-yr-old aerobics instructor in the 80's, you could find me donning a spandex leotard (era appropriate gear, I promise) sharing the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.


I became a personal trainer in the 90's while earning my degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology, then became certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Weight Management & Lifestyle Consultant. 

In 2002, I wrote a book called The Quest for Peace, Love and a 24" Waist, based on the hundreds of people that I had trained over the years, who struggled with making peace with their bodies. This was before my migraine days. You can still find a copy on Amazon or here. It could use an update, but the book's message is still as valid today, as it was back then.

Today I work in a health food store and continue to help those who need support in all areas of nutrition and fitness. 


So yes, in the big picture, not much has changed in 30 years. And thanks, in part, to my migraines, I continue to update my knowledge on all things low-carb and keto. I test everything on myself and am an expert on what works best for me! I encourage you to do the same. 


To follow the story of how I became a chronic migraineur please see Making of a Migraineur

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