A very enlightening way to lose weight. I highly recommend it. 

                     Deepak Chopra, M.D. 

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. 


Every day millions of men and women cringe in the mirror at the appearance of their bodies, wanting to be thinner, more attractive and desirable. 70% of women feel depressed, guilty, and shameful after looking at a fashion magazine for only three minutes.


Many have high expectations and want a quick-fix formula for losing weight. In Deborah Low’s powerful and inspiring book, The Quest for Peace, Love and a 24 Inch Waist, she tackles the issues surrounding body image and weight loss by uncovering the missing component to the weight loss equation: self-love.

In spite of the increasing number of "quick-fix" diet programs, low-fat foods and pharmaceutical drugs for rapid weight-loss, the percentage of overweight Americans is climbing. In fact, over 61% of the population are overweight in this country, of which 34% are considered obese. With this national health concern reaching epidemic proportions, it’s time to change our perspective on how we can effectively lose weight without losing ourselves in the process.

Readers learn how to appreciate their physical bodies, feed their minds with empowering thoughts, and remember their value beyond the scale. Isn’t time we stopped asking the mirror for advice?