How to Eat to Reduce Migraines

Transitioning into a ketogenic diet requires more than a stick of butter and a fork. Use this page  to get you set up for migraine-free success. 

When starting out on a LCHF or KETO diet, what to eat becomes the primary issue.  

First off, not all KETO food is created nutritionally equal.  Can you get into ketosis by eating bacon alone? Yes. Would anyone recommend that? No. The quality of the foods you choose is just as important as the macronutrients you are tracking. 


I go out of my way to buy quality first, especially in meat and dairy, and if you look around, it is widely available. I buy grass-fed steak from my local butcher but if I'm out for dinner, I don't Portlandia the waiter into finding out if my chicken had friends before it was slaughtered. For me, this is my personal level of 'intensity'. You will find your own. No judgement.


You will likely notice, too however, that as your metabolism shifts from using glucose as a fuel source to using fat, so do your taste buds. My weekly shopping list a year ago has shifted along with my taste buds. I needed more stevia and dairy early in the process to rehab my sweet tooth. I hardly crave sweet flavours anymore. The longer I follow this lifestyle, the easier it gets. True story.


As far as spending goes, some items (like the meat or dairy you buy) will boost your grocery bill but without all of the processed, packaged, bottled and nutritionally-void foods filling your basket you will end up ahead or even. Win-win.


Why should you buy top quality protein sources? Grass-fed meats for example, have healthier fat profiles- boosting Omega 3's and reducing the 6's which are already abundant in our diets and can exacerbate inflammation. 

What does low carb look like?

Easy to compare charts from show you where the bulk of carbs and protein come from in common foods.